Portable Ultraviolet Lamp Ozone Germicidal Lamp UV Sterilizer
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Portable UV ultraviolet disinfection lamp
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Small Ozone Generator Negative Ions Air Purifier For Vehicles
Small Ozone Generator Negative Ions Air Purifier For Vehicles


Germicidal UV Lamp Sterilization
Germicidal UV Lamp Sterilization This product includes double sterilization, ultraviolet and ozone, which can avoid the defect of single sterilization. The UV light can emit an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 253.7nm ,which kills the bacterial viruses within a few seconds and the sterilization efficiency is up to 99%. Ozone sterilization: Ozone's diffusion can make up the disadvantages that UV can only be transmitted in a straight line and the sterilization has dead angles, it can reach anywhere in the air and make the sterilization more effective.


USB Charging UV Germicidal Lamp
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